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Wachapreague, Virginia
(757) 787- 4598
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Yellow & Bluefin Tuna, Blue & White Marlin, Dolphin, Black & Red Drum, Tautog, Stripers-Rock, Flounder, Sea Bass, Croaker

It's all about deep blue water & deep sea fishing. An experience all fishermen experienced or not, long for. It's about being on the open sea, just you and all of that water and knowing your safe with our US Coast Guard licensed captain, Lindsay Paul, who is one of the most experienced charter boat captains around! Watching those lines behind the boat for signs of action. Feeling the adrenalin kick in when the clicker sounds, and the reel begins to spool out..... It's time to get to work because YOU ARE HOOKED-UP!

Once we were Almost Persuaded to offer a fishing experience next to none ! Well as time passed we became totally persuaded and committed to making our clients fishing trip one of the most memorable occasions possible. Providing "On The Spot" fishing & hunting experiences.

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We Fish: Lumps, Hills, Canyons, Wrecks, The Bottom & more..

Getting you Hooked-Up is our motto. It's the catch of the day that keeps our clients coming back year after year. Why, we even throw in a little entertainment during the trip. It's almost always something captain Lindsay Paul said or did that sticks out in your trip with us.

All of our charters include: Rod's & Reels, Bait and tackle. A first class mate to accommodate your needs and bait those hooks.

Just bring your food and drink and enjoy being Hooked-Up with Almost Persuaded Captain and Crew...
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Virginia Fishing Regulations:
Virginia's Fisherman Identification Program

A federal law requires most saltwater fishermen to sign up with the National Saltwater Angler Registry. Registering is quick, easy, and FREE. You can also renew your last years one.

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